How To Care For Engagement Ring

How To Care For Engagement Ring

We don’t often notice it right away; it’s only later that we find it has been scraped, discolored, or hit by an unpleasant bump, or that the stone has dropped out. What could have gone wrong? Continue reading to discover the answer.

In this article, we’ll look at the most common ring injuries, investigate the causes, and show you how to fix them.


If that diamond ring don’t shine:

What could have happened?

This is something that comes with wearing. Gold is a soft metal that leaves a mark when subjected to mechanical forces. Do you have a movie in your head about being bitten on old gold coins and so confirming their authenticity? They did it because the old gold pieces were struck in colored gold (or at least roughly 24-carat gold) and were so soft that they left a mark when bitten, unlike a gilded coin made of brass or other metal. This is why they began to be alloyed with other metals over time to make them more durable and wear-resistant.

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We won’t be able to make an alloy that is perfectly hard and invulnerable this way, but we will be able to greatly increase its physical qualities. The 14-carat gold alloy contains 58.5 percent gold and the remainder is made up of various metals. The higher the carat content of the gold alloy, the softer the substance. Because the minute surface damage induced by matting, brushing, and sandblasting is “smoothed out” by other jewelry or the rubbing of our middle and little fingers, the matte wedding ring shines.

The same is true of wedding rings that lose their luster, but in reverse: the objects we grip, other jewelry, or the rest of our fingers leave small, often undetectable scratches on the faultless, mirror-glossy surface, which become obvious when a lot accumulates.

How To Care For Engagement Ring

If we compare an originally matte or originally shining wedding ring that has been worn under similar conditions for a similar amount of time, we will find that they have approximately the same surface: neither shiny nor matte, but somewhere in the middle. Other jewelry with the rubbing of our middle and little fingers “smoothes out” microscopic-sized surface blemishes.

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How can we prevent it? 

We can enjoy its original condition for a much longer time if we pay close attention to it and remove it at night or for housework, gardening, or sports, but we cannot entirely prevent it. If you have an engagement ring for $5000 or you have to spend a huge amount on buying a $ 15000 diamond ring, you need to take good care of it so that you can experience its original beauty and brilliance for a longer period of time.

How to restore?

You must not give it any household abrasives, polishes, or chemicals because we risk causing it more harm, which will be far more expensive to restore. Use a nail file, ketchup, toothpaste, limescale remover, or automobile polish (we’ve heard all of these…)!

if that diamond ring don’t shine or needs restoration, take it to the jewelry store where you have purchased it, or to the goldsmith who constructed it, and he will restore your ring using the appropriate tools.

In this scenario, the surface is professionally repolished and re-matted, the stone prongs are cleaned, the solders are checked (for engagement rings, for example), and the surfaces are re-gilded and re-rhodium-plated if necessary. Although polishing removes all material, there is no need to be concerned: the amount lost is so small that even the most sensitive carat scales cannot detect it. So we can renew our ring with a tranquil heart every year or every two years, and it will not wear out.

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My gold ring is tanned/blackened:

What could have happened?

Some oxidizing chemical got into contact with the jewelry. The other metals in the alloy may not be chemically resistant, despite the fact that gold is. It’s usually alloyed with silver, copper, or nickel, and these metals can discolor when exposed to pollutants. Our jewelry may become discolored from domestic chemicals, cosmetics, medicinal water / thermal water, depending on the fineness of the gold alloy and the type of alloying substance used.

How To Care For Engagement Ring

For example, if a person sweats excessively while wearing gold alloyed with a high proportion of silver or copper, even this natural process might discolor jewelry that comes into touch with sweat. If you shatter a classic mercury thermometer, take care not to get mercury on your gold jewelry, as mercury dissolves gold. Chemicals can cause irreversible damage to pearls, real opal, turquoise, coral, or amber jewelry, so pay extra attention to it.

How can we prevent it? 

When doing cleaning, gardening, swimming, sports, or swimming, don’t wear any jewelry. If you’re applying makeup, hairspray, perfume, or body lotion, do it first, and then wait until it’s all absorbed and dry before putting on jewelry. If you have got a wedding ring 5000 dollars or a $15000 diamond ring, you need to take care of it so that you may appreciate its aesthetic quality and glitter for a longer time.

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How to fix it? 

In this scenario, it is critical not to try home remedies, especially with other chemicals, as this would simply exacerbate the problem. The jeweler can assist you once more by professionally resolving this issue and refurbishing your jewelry. if that diamond ring don’t shine, don’t spend energy; a jeweler can help.

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The stone moves in its claws / The stone has fallen out of the ring:

What could have happened?

The stones in good quality rings and wedding bands are hand-held, one by one, whether they are simple zirconia or a spectacular gemstone. If you purchase from a reputable source, the manufacturer will guarantee the quality of the stone socket, which means it will not loosen or fall out on its own. If the ring accidentally (or unintentionally) strikes something, or if the small claw holding the stone becomes stuck in some textile thread, the socket component of the ring may be twisted or fractured, and the stone will no longer be properly secured.

How To Care For Engagement Ring

Even though the ring’s size was corrected by a goldsmith, the claws could loosen if he was inattentive and did not inspect the claws of the stones after the size adjustment. Because this problem can occur at any time, we should return the purchased jewelry to the maker as soon as possible.

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How can we prevent it? 

We simply bring up the golden rule once more: don’t wear jewelry while doing housekeeping, gardening, or sports to reduce the danger of unintentional bumps. To avoid becoming trapped in one of our outfits, wear your jewelry after getting dressed and take it off before undressing. If you have a $ 3k wedding ring or have spent more money on an engagement ring for $5000, you need to take good care of it so that you can experience its good looks and sparkle for a lengthy span of time.

How to fix it? 

If we are lucky and detect the stone in time, or if it has been dropped but we have located it, we should store it in a safe location and promptly take it to a jeweler who will repair it using claw-specific techniques. If a diamond is lost from our jewelry, carry the certification with you so that the jeweler can obtain a stone with identical dimensions, so that if there are many diamonds in the jewelry, the newly integrated stone will not be distinguishable from the others.

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My white gold wedding ring turned yellow:

What could have happened?

This is a typical issue with white gold jewelry. This is when people get concerned that the jewelry they have purchased may not be genuine gold; what if they have been duped? There’s no reason to be concerned! White gold is one of the greatest metals for jewelry. As previously said, 24-carat gold is alloyed with other metals to improve its physical qualities, which might cause it to change color over time. Gold is alloyed with silvery-white metals, mainly silver or nickel, and perhaps palladium, to obtain a white tint.

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The more they add, the whiter the metal becomes; yet, as we learned in drawing classes, mixing lemon yellow halfway with white produces a pale yellow tint. The same is true for 14-carat white gold, which comprises 58.5 percent yellow gold and 41.5 percent white other metals, resulting in a yellowish-gray alloy. White gold jewelry (and even silver jewelry!) is commonly rhodium-plated to improve this feature.

Rhodium is a platinum metal that is exceedingly resistant, hard, and chilly grayish-white in color. This covering can wear away over time, revealing the yellowish-gray white gold alloy beneath.

How To Care For Engagement Ring

Furthermore, if your jewelry has come into touch with a chemical, it may discolor and the alloy becomes evident, for reasons already mentioned. We’d like to underline that, in order to adorn and enhance the attractiveness of jewelry, not only rhodium but also yellow or red gold plating is favored.

This is entirely acceptable as long as the hallmark(stamp) in the jewelry accurately indicates the fineness of the alloy, i.e. the stamp was not made with the goal of deceiving the public (e.g. a gold with a lower gold content or no gold at all is stamped higher to show as more valuable). As a result, always make sure to purchase from a reputable, consistently operating jewelry store or goldsmith.

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How can we prevent it? 

While it is critical to take proper care of our precious jewelry, there are a number of instances in which 3k wedding rings should not be worn at all, as stated above. This can considerably lengthen the rhodium plating’s life.

How to fix it? 

Let’s go to a jewelry store, or if we purchased jewelry from a reputable internet site, they’ll set up our wedding or engagement ring for us. Avoid any kind of home practices since rhodium plating will be done with sophisticated tools that can only be available in professional jewelry manufacturers’ studios.

These were the most prevalent issues with the wedding ring 5000 dollars, and we can conclude that cautious wearing can go a long way toward preserving the beauty of our jewelry and that if we see anything unusual, we should contact the store where we purchased it or the maker.

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With a peaceful heart, we can restore our jewelry every year, ensuring that it continues to sparkle as brightly as the day it was first worn on the finger!

Frequently Asked Question

1) How to find out her ring size? / How to find your girlfriend’s ring size?

This is something that grooms are constantly concerned about. Our recommendation is that you go to your jeweler with a ring that the lady is wearing so that the jeweler may measure it and acquire the information. You might be able to track down her old ring and use it as a gauge for her ring size. Her ring size can undoubtedly be determined by a close friend.

If this is not accessible, an experienced jewelry manufacturer will normally make a guess based on the bride’s body, as they can already estimate the approximate size from this.
Of course, there’s a potential that the conclusion is incorrect and the size is incorrect, but in fact, this method works quite well.

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Almost all jewelry stores offer free resizing of engagement rings, even if you ordered the wrong size for her. If you spend a lot of money on a 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring or a rose gold oval diamond ring, the jeweler will almost definitely provide you with after-sales support, including ring resizing.


2) How to set a stone in a ring?

Gemstones are not glued into jewelry, as many people believe, but rather set into the claws or prongs of the rings. There are many various ways to set a gemstone, but the concept is the same in all of them: the metal is prepared in some way to set the gemstone, and the stone is then secured in place.

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Gemstones are set into jewelry by professional jewelry makers with the utmost care and expertise, and while most stones do not go misplaced, if they do, they provide a full warranty.

3) How to make a ring smaller or bigger?

Resizing a ring is a tricky subject. It’s tough to know which size is best because wearing the same ring in the summer heat will feel different than wearing it in the middle of winter.

There might be a visible difference in the diameter of our fingers at different times of the day, even within a day. These factors must be taken into account if you want to feel comfortable wearing your rings at all times. That’s why, when it comes to sizing, most expert jewelers take great care and offer a lot of advice.

In some situations of wedding or engagement rings, future sizing is possible, but it is restricted. Even the most delicate models, however, can be tightened and expanded by one or two numbers. Women’s rings are usually far more flexible in this regard, as most of them allow for changes of up to two or three numbers.

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If you spend a fortune on a 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring or a rose gold oval diamond ring, the jewelers would surely offer you after-sales assistance, such as ring resizing.


4) Why are diamonds valuable?

The first thing you’ll notice while browsing for a diamond item or a diamond ring is the value. It’s no surprise that diamonds are so pricey.

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These are some of the reasons why diamonds are still so costly today. Shiny gemstones must travel a great distance before reaching you in the flawless condition that you see in stores. Prices rise as a result of the operations. Keep in mind that the stone comes from a mine and must be cut and polished to become the spectacle that awaits you.

It is difficult to cut high-quality diamonds:

Due to its exceptional hardness, diamond has a high boiling point. To attain the highest brilliance so that the stone catches the light as it should, a lot of effort is required.

They are rare:

Acceptable-quality diamonds are extremely uncommon, which drives up prices. Because the number of those with good enough quality to be sold by jewelers is limited, their prices are rather expensive.

Diamonds with good color are hard to find:

A diamond’s hue is a significant quality attribute; the whiter or lighter the stone, the higher its value. Only a few passes are colored clean, and the majority of diamonds are clearly yellowish. As a result, when a good clear stone is found, it is anticipated to be cost higher due to the time and effort required to find the best hue.

It is difficult to find bigger diamonds:

Diamonds come in various carat weights, with the larger the stone, the higher the price per carat. This is because larger diamonds are rarer and more difficult to find than smaller diamonds.

5) what other stones are used in engagement rings?

Other jewels beyond diamonds can be set in engagement rings, giving you a lot of options. Gemstones are available in a variety of colors, making them extremely diverse. As a result, going into greater detail is not possible.

Here are a few gemstones that are well-known for their use in jewelry, particularly engagement and wedding rings.

  1. Ruby = A deep red color. 9 hardness
  2. Sapphire = Is a blue-translucent-orange red gemstone. 9 hardness
  3. Emerald = It comes in green color. 8 hardness
  4. Tourmaline = Comes in pink-red, green, etc. 7 hardness
  5. Topaz = Comes in light blue, royal blue, and peach color. 8 hardness
  6. amethyst = Purple 7 hardness
  7. Aquamarine = Pale blue color. 8 hardness
  8. Garnet = Brown, orange, green 8 hardness

We’d like to call attention to a few key features of these gems:

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The hardness of a gemstone is important information. This is crucial since a stone’s hardness determines how long it will last as a gorgeous addition to our jewelry. An already rounded, long faceted polished stone that now looks more like a “semi-consumed sour sugar” is not a pleasant appearance in an old item of jewelry.

The other step is to choose a stone that will harmonize with the style and material of the chosen piece of jewelry.