What Hand Does An Engagement Ring Go On

What Hand Does An Engagement Ring Go On

Which hand do we wear the engagement ring?

The engagement ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the right hand until the wedding day, and then it is transferred to the left hand, as the wedding ring will be worn on the ring finger of the right hand from then on. If you want to wear your wedding and engagement rings on the same finger, next to each other, this is an exception. Of course, these aren’t set in stone, so if someone wants to wear them in a different way, this is totally up to them.

The engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand’s ring finger before marriage. There are a lot of different ways to wear an engagement ring on your wedding day, as well.

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Before the ceremony, most brides place the engagement ring on the ring finger of her right hand. The engagement ring is returned to the left hand’s ring finger after the wedding ceremony, where it is worn alongside the wedding ring.

Every country has its own customs regarding the wearing of an engagement ring. Women in America and some European countries wear their engagement rings on their left hand’s ring finger.

The engagement ring is worn on the right hand in India, Spain, Peru, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Greece, and Colombia.

The ring finger will always be the ring finger, regardless of which hand we wear it on. Our fourth finger, located next to our little finger, is our ring finger.

Because habits are constantly changing, this dilemma arises again and again. As different people and countries have so many different customs, we could also say that. Let’s look at some of the most common ring-wearing habits.

Domestic customs of wearing rings:

It’s difficult to give universal advice on how to wear an engagement ring because opinions vary not only by region but even by country.

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This lovely ring is typically worn in the ring finger of the left hand at the time of the girl’s proposal in the United States. It remains on the left hand until the wedding when it is transferred to the right hand with the wedding ring. Of course, the rules are quite versatile in this regard, as some people wear their wedding ring on their right ring finger and carry it on their left hand.

And in ancient times:

In ancient Rome, they used to wear an engagement ring, though it was made of papyrus or even bone, rather than the more expensive materials of today. When the ring was worn on the ring finger of the left hand, a storey came to life because a vessel runs directly to the heart from there, making it the best place to wear it.

This is a theory that has survived to this day, despite the fact that it is not medically proven. The ring’s shape represents infinity, eternal love, because the circle has no beginning or end, making it eternal.

Domestic customs regarding engagement:

The financial situation has long been an influencing factor in engagement.

While the engagement ring was once considered a wealthy gift, the same could not be said for the poorer classes. The ladies hands were already being asked with rather ornate engagement rings among the nobles, which were somewhat similar to those used today.

What Hand Does An Engagement Ring Go On

For a long time, the scarf was fashionable among the less well-off. In this case, the groom gave her fiancé a handkerchief while she was elegantly dressed for her future husband. This was the custom of changing shawls, which correlates to the relevance of changing rings.

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Getting a girl and having a wedding with an engagement ring became trendy after that, but not everyone could afford it all. They borrowed a ring and then got engaged in this case. The jewellery was then, of course, returned to its rightful owner.

Fortunately, we no longer have to adhere to such strict traditions, and it is sufficient to wear the engagement ring on the left hand’s ring finger and the wedding ring on the right hand’s ring finger.

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

The man gives the lady the engagement ring and, most amazingly, with this ring, he asks for her loving hand. An engagement ring is given as a proposal or when the couple is getting interested in marrying. Wedding rings are exchanged on the marriage day, symbolising that they are now officially married.

The engagement ring, on the other hand, has no male counterpart and is only given to women. Wedding rings, as they are commonly known, are chosen by those who wish to marry in response to the girl’s request.

What’s the point of an engagement ring?

The engagement ring expresses a man’s love for a woman; he gives it to her when he asks for her hand, and the new owner of the ring wears it so that everyone knows she is engaged.

Engagement ring today?

Nowadays, most engagement rings are made of white gold, with a larger diamond in the centre, usually set in a clawed socket, and smaller diamonds set in the ring rail in addition to the central stone. The majority of people prefer these designs, and we’ve discovered that girls appreciate the extra sparkle provided by the small diamonds.

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Here are two examples:

14 or 18 CARAT GOLD. Which one is better?

Gold is a very valuable yellow precious metal in terms of colour, but it is too soft to be used in durable jewellery, which is why alloying became popular. The 14-carat alloy is 14/24 of the total weight of the part, i.e. It is made up of 58.5 per cent gold and 41.5 per cent other alloying metals such as copper, silver, and other machining aids.

What Hand Does An Engagement Ring Go On

The alloying materials determine the colour of the jewellery; for example, the colour of rose gold jewellery is primarily copper alloy, the colour of yellow gold is brass, and the colour of white gold is white metals such as iridium, silver, and palladium.

As a result, mined gold is always yellow in colour; only the alloying materials, such as rosé or white gold, have a different colour.

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The same can be said for 18-carat gold jewellery, with the exception that the gold content is higher. Part of the 18-carat gold is 18/24, meaning it contains 75 per cent gold and the remaining 25% is an alloying material.

Which is the superior option? There isn’t a simple answer to this. Different people have different choices and traditions. 18-carat jewellery is common in Scandinavian countries, but goldsmiths in the USA mostly work with 14-carat gold. However, 9- or 10-carat jewellery is also common in many nations.

In theory, 18-carat jewellery is “softer” because it gets to wear nicer, but if a piece of jewellery is decently crafted, it can be just as tough and durable as a 14-carat piece. Wearing 14 or 18-carat jewellery is a matter of principle rather than practice.

Which precious stones or a stone should be used in an engagement ring?

The diamond is the hardest – and thus the most durable – gemstone. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 10. It is no coincidence that the phrase “diamond is eternal” was coined because diamond is a very durable material.

Because of its high hardness, it can be sanded to very nice sharp angles, resulting in excellent reflectivity (lustre). As a result, a diamond is attractive not only aesthetically but also functionally due to its durability, which is why everyone wants a diamond engagement ring.

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Others would prefer coloured precious stones such as sapphire, emerald, or ruby. Some people actually prefer to have their birthstone set in their engagement ring.

What colour of gold is best for making engagement rings? 

White gold is a good choice. On the one hand, the white metal aids the diamond’s white colour, and on the other hand, as I previously stated, the white colour of white gold is obtained through alloys. Because those other non-gold metals are much harder, so it is correct in claiming that finished white gold is almost as hard as steel.

As a result, it’s ideal for holding diamonds because the claws that hold the diamond don’t easily wear out. A $ 5000 dollar ring made of white gold will doubtlessly be more appealing than one made of any other metal.

Pre-engagement ring:

There are many questions about this ring, its proper use, and its true meaning. What finger is it placed on, and when should it be given?

In recent years, the promise or pre-engagement ring has gained popularity, causing some confusion about its value and meaning. This ring represents the promise of a future engagement, though some people simply wear it to show their commitment to someone. This ring means something different to each couple; it’s a way to show that they’re not just dating, but those they’re engaged and that there will be a second ring, the radiant engagement ring.

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The wearing of a ring as a symbol of loyalty is a long-standing tradition with many variations. It’s critical that you don’t get mixed up with other kinds of promises. Given that this is merely a pre-engagement ring. If your partner gives it to you, don’t be surprised; it doesn’t mean he isn’t ready for the engagement; it simply means he considers you to be his life partner.

Because it is more valuable for its meaning, there is no average or proposed amount for how much you should invest in this ring. They’re usually not as expensive as an engagement ring, and they’ll be followed by a lovely radiant cut engagement ring, which could be quite highly valued. Many of these pre-engagement rings are given by young people who do not yet have the creditworthiness to purchase expensive sunflower engagement rings.

There is no need to get down on your knees or put on a full-fledged musical performance to give it; instead, it is usually something much more personal. It’s a declaration of affection.

Why is it important to have an internationally renowned AGS or GIA laboratory issuing a centre diamond certification?

Unfortunately, since the beginning of gemstone sales, merchants have been deceiving lay buyers on a regular basis, whether consciously or unconsciously, all over the world. Because 99.9% of jewellery buyers are not gem experts, they are unaware of the exact quality of the gem they are purchasing. Traders attempt to certify the stone’s quality with numerous certificates, but in most cases, they claim a gem of their own that is admittedly not very authentic.

What Hand Does An Engagement Ring Go On

Of course, these certifications are correct, but often due to circumstances beyond their control, such as when an incorrect certification is added to a diamond due to an administrative error, resulting in a difference of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in the case of a larger stone.

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Large, internationally recognized unbiased gemstone testing companies have been established to avoid these issues. Two of these, GIA or AGS, have their words accepted internationally. They don’t sell diamonds, and they can’t be bribed to give a diamond a higher rating than it deserves because they don’t want to make a mistake. They also use highly advanced machines and tools to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

The exact grading, purity, carat weight, and grinding ratios of the diamond are determined at the end of such a test based on three factors, as well as a slew of other minor details that are unimportant to the average buyer but critical for accurate stone identification.

They create a hologram certificate that is numbered and laser engraved on the diamond’s side edge, effectively giving the diamond a license plate that is linked to the certificate. This serial number is entered into an open internet database that everyone can access, allowing it to be easily verified that we did indeed purchase the diamond for which we paid.

Importantly, only AGS and GIA are labs with widely accepted certification. Of course, there are other qualified investigators, but if we want to be certain, we should pick one of these two.

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If you want to buy a $ 15000 wedding ring or even a $ 6000 wedding ring, make sure you get the best and most credible certificates to avoid being duped.

Because small diamonds are more expensive to test internationally than diamonds, we accept traders’ certification for such small stones because they do not have the value that a trader would risk intentionally giving a poor diamond.

What shape should the central stone be?

The most reflective of a round brilliant cut diamond is polished to 58 facets, i.e. faceted, which was created by Michael Tolkowsky in 1919. Facet 58 must be at a specific angle to ensure the gemstone’s optimal brilliance. As technology advances, calculations become more precise, and thanks to this precision, it is now possible to measure the ideal or triple excellent diamond very precisely.

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The more perfect the cut, the more expensive the diamond, because a more disproportionate stone loses weight when ground to perfection, so a smaller carat weight should be worth the same as a larger but more disproportionate stone.

Any cut of a decent quality 3kt 3kt diamond engagement ring will undoubtedly inspire your love partner. In addition to brilliant-cut, we recommend rectangular princess cut, which, while not as bright as brilliant-cut but still a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions


1) How to sell an engagement ring?

You may not have expected to sell your engagement ring, but you may need to do so for a multitude of reasons, including wanting to change the design or the size of the finger and the ring. It’s possible that the size is small, or that your relationship has ended for some reason.

Keep in mind that an engagement ring is often made to your specific requirements, which may not be appealing to other buyers, so finding the price at which you made the ring can be challenging.

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It’s also crucial to get the ring repaired by a good jeweller if it develops a flaw with daily use before selling it.

You can sell your ring to a reputable jeweller, on eBay or an auction website, or at pawnshops. There are also numerous online marketplaces where you can sell your ring.


2) When did diamond rings become a thing / What is an engagement ring?

The wedding ring has been a priceless symbol of eternity, wholeness, and endless love for thousands of years. A never-ending circle with no beginning or end. Its origins can be traced back to Egyptian civilization when a pharaoh is said to have given his sweetheart a ring as a symbol of his love, and the custom quickly spread to ancient Rome.

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The wedding ring was originally only worn by women, but by the 13th century, it was common for both husband and wife to wear it. Originally made of hemp, it was later replaced with more durable materials such as ivory, bronze, or iron, symbolising the covenant’s long life.

For thousands of years, this circular piece of jewellery has been meant to symbolise endless love. Two people facing each other’s endless and fusing heartbeat.

3) What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

A wedding ring is a ring that is worn on the day of the wedding and is not to be confused with an engagement ring. The ring that the couple exchanges on their wedding day are known as a wedding ring.

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Couples can choose to have the groom purchase a completely separate ring to ask for their lover’s hand (engagement ring), or both will wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand during the engagement and transfer it to the ring finger of their right hand during the wedding ceremony, indicating that they are now officially married.

4) Where to wear engagement ring?

The ring is traditionally placed on the ring finger of the left hand because it is thought that a direct vessel from the fourth finger of the left hand leads all the way to the heart, making this finger particularly suitable for wearing a ring symbolising love.

This concept comes from Greek culture, which has since been supplanted by anatomical sciences, but it is still a romantic approach. There are also some Renaissance astrological assignments that claim the fourth finger belongs to the Sun, Apollo’s circle, which contains many serenities and positive characteristics.

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In recent centuries, each finger has been assigned a different type of content. For a long time, for example, all fingers were reserved for other activities – clean or dirty – and a fourth finger was designated as the ring-wearing finger, while the third was not permitted to wear a ring because it was a “dirty, unclean, and despised” finger. As a result, the term “ring finger” was coined.


5) How to give a promise ring?

Give a promise ring in a creative way

Romantic gestures are now bigger and more creative than they’ve ever been. All you have to do now is looking for suggestions on how to show your girlfriend how much you care. The Promise Ring presentation should be as entertaining as the event itself. After all, you want to spend the rest of your life with her, so every occasion should be significant.

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Here are some suggestions to get your romantic juices flowing and create a lasting memory:

  • Plan your trip in the great outdoors: The great outdoors can provide a great backdrop for this romantic event, whether it’s a sunrise on the beach, a walk under the stars, or a hike to a wonderful waterfall.
  • Treasure Hunt: You can also hide the ring somewhere and make different markings to help your future wife find it. As she solves the riddle, she will look for these signs and eventually find the ring.
  • With the help of music: Classical serenades have been popular for centuries for a reason. A love song is the only thing that can replace your deep love. A song dedicated to her can never be bad, whether you write it yourself, sing it along to the radio, or choose a string that both means something at the local karaoke bar.
  • Hidden surprise: When a ring is hidden in a drink or dessert, it’s almost like a scene from a movie. However, the thrill of discovering a promise ring in an unexpected location will delight your girlfriend. Consider slipping into a cereal box, a bouquet of flowers, or even her favourite candy. Make sure you don’t eat it!