What Is The Most Expensive Ring In The World?

While everyone is speculating on whether Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle’s engagement ring costs $200,000 or $400,000, we will discuss more expensive jewellery. Could you imagine a ring costing more than $70 million for one woman? What exactly are these jewellery works of art? To whom do they belong? What is the cost of the most expensive ring?

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After reading this article, you may not believe that a 15000 dollar ring is excessively costly.

So, what are the world’s most expensive rings? Let’s begin with the TOP-10.

10. FRED LEIGHTON RING – $ 2,500,000


Michael Douglas’ famous wedding ring, which he gave to Katherine, became a lucky talisman for the couple. For the past 16 years, the celebrity couple has been in perfect harmony. Fred Leighton, a well-known jeweller, created the ring. The master strived and proved to be successful in giving the jewellery a vintage appearance. The commodity is beautiful and graceful at the same time.

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9. RING OF LESOTHO III – $ 2,600,000

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Lesotho III, one of the most valuable gold rings in the world, was given to Jacqueline Kennedy by billionaire Aristotle Onassis’ second husband. The item is embellished with precious stones such as emeralds and diamonds. The jewellery was always kept in a locked safe, according to reports. The ring was only worn twice by the hostess.

8. NAJMAT TAIBA RING – $ 3,000,000

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Because it weighs nearly 64 kilogrammes, this piece of jewellery will never be worn on one’s hand. The item is not only displayed in one of Dubai’s jewellery boutiques but it is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest gold ring. We’re sure you’ve figured out who has the biggest wedding ring now.

Let’s take a look at what a 5000 engagement ring looks like.


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A product with a price of $4,200,000 dollars takes up position 7 on the list of the world’s most expensive rings. At a Christie’s auction in New York, he received such a large sum of money. Because of a large white diamond, the moneybags agreed to pay such a high price for him. The stone’s decency is a sign of purity that is very close to perfection. The platinum cut elevates the ring’s elegance even further.


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Journalists tried to piece together the details of Jay-wedding Z’s to his equally famous lady Beyoncé on occasion. The singer, on the other hand, kept everything hidden and, according to reports, was careless about the wedding ring. This is most likely why Jay-Z decided not just any ring, but the most expensive gold ring with an 18-carat diamond. Beyoncé, expectedly, changed her mind and began to flaunt a massive $ 5 million gem on her ring finger.

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Anna Kournikova, a Russian tennis player, once wore the world’s most expensive wedding ring. Enrique Iglesias gave her his hand and heart 14 years ago, as well as a nice addition – an 11-carat pink diamond. The stone has an almond shape, and there are two more white diamonds on either side of it, making this ring truly unique.

4. TAYLOR-BURTON RING – $ 8,800,000

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Elizabeth Taylor has been dubbed “the collector of husbands and diamonds” in jest. As a result, it’s not shocking that she owns one of the most valuable rings. Richard Burton, one of Elizabeth’s husbands, gifted her with a 33-carat diamond. Richard Burton was recognised for lavishing Elizabeth with expensive jewellery.


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The third item on the list may be the world’s most valuable wedding ring. However, it is currently only a private collection exhibit.

Any person who has the honour of witnessing a 5-carat pink diamond engagement ring in person will be ecstatic. The ring was auctioned off at Christ’s open auction. The ring was dubbed “the pink star” during the auction, and there’s no question as to why.

This ring’s main feature is a precious stone in the shape of a pillow (undoubtedly the trend of our days). South Africa provided him with the pink diamond.

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The rare exotic beauty of Vivid Pink is well-known. A pink diamond is a rare find, but it will not displease any girl.


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A massive 18-carat oval cut blue diamond ring is the major focus of the $ 16 million rings. Because it was mined in a boron deposit, the stone has a unique colour: a mix of blue and aquamarine. The ring was presented by jewellers from Chopard, a Swiss jewellery company known for its elegant jewellery all over the world.

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1. PINK STAR DIAMOND RING – $ 72,000,000

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A pink diamond from the depths of South Africa imitates the scarab beetle’s shell. The stone was 132.6 carats before it was processed. The diamond was polished for 2.5 years, given an oval shape, and reduced to 59.6 carats. The gem turned out to be so expensive that bidders could only sigh bitterly and appreciate it from afar because the price was too high.

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According to legend, the person who wears this oval diamond engagement ring is bothered by the fact that he can’t move his fingers freely. The ring is now classified as a national treasure in Washington and belongs to no one.

Each of the rings mentioned is dazzling in its beauty. The beauty of each of the rings mentioned is mesmerising.

You might think you know what is the biggest diamond ring is now, but we don’t know what we’ll see in the near future; it could be something even bigger. There are many small diamond rings with a very clean diamond and a fabulous design, but the large size diamond, which is rare in the world and incredibly difficult to find, fascinates everybody.

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And their price is a complete shock. Is this, however, the limit? Jewellers will most likely surprise the world with luxurious, spellbinding rings that every girl dreams of in the not-too-distant future.


Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is a solitaire ring and which solitaire ring model to choose?

The solitaire model, which is a gold or platinum ring with a single diamond, is classically used as an engagement ring.

This does not discourage you from selecting a ring of a different design; as an option to a solitaire ring with a single diamond, you can select a trilogy ring, which features three slightly smaller diamonds (solitaire rings with a single diamond have a higher commercial value). As a result, the cost of a solitaire 5 ct diamond ring cost will be extremely high.

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Is a solitaire ring a must or an option for an engagement ring? Can I also give a ring without a stone?

The solitaire ring is a rich tradition for the engagement, as the solitary stone signifies eternity, so rings without stones are typically not given as gifts. Despite their beauty and modernity, ring models in yellow, white, rose, or platinum gold without a stone are rarely chosen as engagement rings.

How does the solitaire ring choice vary widely depending on the age of the promise?

The size of the budget and the emotional background can certainly influence the decision.

As an alternative to the solitaire ring, how about an unusual ring?

The type of cut to which the stone has been subjected is one of the variables that may be unusual in the selection of a solitaire ring.

Now you can learn about the various kinds of gemstone cuts for solitaire rings.

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2) How do stones differ in solitaire rings / why are solitaire rings more expensive?

Let’s begin with diamonds, which get their name from the Greek (Adamas), which means “invincible.” It is the hardest and most resistant stone known to date, as well as a breathtaking stone that serves as a symbol of the unshakable pledge.

How do you assess a solitaire ring’s diamond?

Whatever your budget for a solitaire ring, you should choose it based on what you want to buy rather than the lowest price or highest price – because the risk of a rip-off (we define the situation as if we’re going to pay at least 30% more than normal market prices) is high.

The type of diamond mounted on the solitaire ring will have a significant impact on the price of the ring. Knowing how to identify the parameters of diamonds is necessary to ensure that you are paying the correct price for a solitaire ring and avoiding a rip-off.

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Solitaire rings are expensive.

First and foremost, the estimated prices of the solitaire rings mentioned below are examples; just to give you an idea, consider the following figures, assuming the metal is 18k gold:

A solitaire ring with a 0.25-carat excellent quality diamond will cost between 1500 and 2000 dollars.

A solitaire ring with a 0.50 carat diamond of exceptional quality will cost between $4000 and $5,000.

A solitaire ring with a 1.00-carat high-quality diamond will cost between 12000 and 15000 dollars.

Obviously, if the diamond set in the solitaire ring is of lower quality, the price of the ring will drop by more than 70%.


3) What is platinum?

A platinum engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. The precious metal, which many people are unfamiliar with, dazzles with its beauty and durability. A platinum ring is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

History of platinum

According to the analysis of ancient Egyptian jewellery, the exceptional metal was already in use 5000 years ago. The Spaniards gave the precious metal its name. While panning for gold in South America, the Spaniards discovered bright and silvery shiny platinum spheres, which they used in jewellery and statues alongside gold.

They misinterpreted the metallic-looking platinum pieces for “immature” gold and threw them back into the river because they were after the gold. This is also when the name “Platina” was coined, which meant “little silver” and was used disparagingly.

However, because the Spaniards noticed that this strange metal was just as heavy as gold and extremely hard, a counterfeit money trade arose in Europe, with some minters coating platinum coins with gold and authorising them as gold coins.

This fake money market must have gotten out of hand because it was once suggested that all platinum coins and jewellery be collected and thrown into the sea. However, the true value of the metal was only noticed a short time later. However, due to the melting point being far too high at the time, it was not possible to separate the platinum-gold connections.


Platinum had a much greater value than gold until recently because it occurs much less commonly in nature. It’s interesting to note that it’s not only metal but also a mineral from a chemical standpoint. It is commonly found in nature with rhodium, osmium, palladium, and iridium, and is therefore referred to as a platinum group metal.

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The main find locations today are South Africa, Canada, and Russia. From mining to pure material, a large number of complex work steps are needed, making platinum production a very expensive process. This is due to both the previously mentioned extremely high melting point and the bizarre metal’s hardness.

4) Advantages of a platinum ring and does platinum tarnish?

When looking for a suitable engagement ring, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and red gold will all be taken into consideration. In addition, you will be able to admire a platinum ring. This appears to be very similar to the white gold ring at first glimpse. When you hold both rings in your hands, however, you will notice that the platinum ring is noticeably heavier than the gold ring. In your hand, it feels very natural. Its gleaming, bright radiance promptly enchants you.

In terms of price, this extraordinary metal, which is extremely rare in nature, is currently similar to gold. If you’re on a budget or need to be, you might be concerned that this lovely piece of jewellery is out of your price range. As a result, you might not have thought of this uncommon metal in the first place.

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The price difference between a gold engagement ring and a platinum engagement ring, on the other hand, is minimal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime great chance to own such a magnificent piece of jewellery. Anyone will be drawn to gorgeous princess cut engagement rings made in platinum.

A ring like this is truly unique! In a 950 platinum ring, you can definitely feel the noble purity of 95 per cent platinum and a small amount of silver. It elegantly surrounds the gleaming diamond. Your loved one will never have to worry about losing the diamond, thanks to the exceptional hardness of this precious metal, which keeps the stone safe and secure.

If despite the strength of this beautiful precious metal, a few small scratches appear on the surface over time, you can have these extraordinary engagement rings renovated quickly and with minimal financial damage.

There is no better precious metal for allergy sufferers than platinum, which is particularly skin-friendly and thus becomes a daily partner.

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5) Is platinum better than white gold?

Nothing compares to a platinum ring when it comes to expressing your undying love for your loved one. Its enigmatic, metallic sheen excites and never lets go. The magnificence of a diamond encircled by a platinum ring is unrivalled. Its gleam is reminiscent of the gleam in your great love’s eyes. Your partner’s finger will always have a pleasant, cool heaviness to it that she associates with you.

As a result, you’ll be nearer to her at all times. This stunning ring is built to last. Nothing can dull its radiance. It retains its radiance, unlike white gold, silver, or palladium, and looks as good as new. A symbol of your unbroken, ever-renewing love for each other.

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Invite your loved one for a walk under the fragrant trees on a beautiful day you’ve spent together. You admit your infinite love to her while being blown by a cool breeze and accompanied by chirping bird calls. You want to know if she’d be willing to spend the rest of her life with you.

Give her a beautiful, radiant, bright engagement ring with a sparkling diamond as noticeable evidence of your everlasting love. She can tell you’re serious right away. They’re intended to be together. This lovely ring is a symbol of your special bond, which will last a lifetime.